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Body Contouring

At Aeris Skin & Beauty, we prioritize your unique needs and concerns. At our center, we believe in a personalized approach to body contouring, tailoring each session to address specific areas of focus. Whether you're dealing with stubborn fat patches or cellulite in various stages, our goal is to customize your experience for optimal results. Our skilled technicians leverage a combination of modalities, strategically adjusting the duration and intensity based on your individual requirements. For those tackling stubborn cellulite, longer sessions of wood therapy may be recommended, complemented by additional focus on radiofrequency skin tightening and laser lipo at 5nm. Alternatively, if your goal is to address stubborn fat, longer ultrasound cavitation sessions, combined with 160mw laser lipo and fewer sessions of other modalities, may be the ideal approach. Each session is a curated blend of expertise and knowledge, ensuring that you receive the maximum benefits tailored to your unique body contouring journey.

Most Popular non-Invasive contouring treatments




Reduce Stubborn

Unwanted Fat

Ultrasonic cavitation is a noninvasive liposuction alternative that uses ultrasonic waves that separate fat cells for removal from the body.


Wood Therapy

Reduce Cellulite & Sculpt the Body

Wood therapy is a massage technique that offers potential benefits similar to a traditional massage, including relaxation and relief from tight muscles. When performed correctly, wood therapy supports lymphatic drainage, potentially diminishing the visible effects of cellulite.


Radio Frequency

Enhance Collagen

Production & Tighten Skin


This method utilizes radio frequency waves, which is basically heat energy meant for tissue remodeling and production of elastin and new collagen.


M'Lis Body Wrap

Detoxify & Slim  Your Body


Slim and smooth your skin's appearance with this 60-minute body treatment. Blended with warming and moisturizing niacin, cinnamon, and deeply-nourishing aloe, contour will give nothing but confidence-building results - no matter the angle.




Reduce Bloat, Swelling 

& Inflammation


Laser Lipo treatments are a non-invasive body contouring method to reduce unwanted, stubborn fat for both men and women.


RF Vaccum Therapy

fight cellulite in all stages

Vacuum therapy is a non-invasive treatment that, through suction, allows us to drain adipose tissue by mobilizing localized fat to the lymphatic system and eliminate cellulite.

Wood therapy, a unique and holistic massage technique employing specialized wooden tools, stands as a distinctive approach to wellness. Each tool is meticulously crafted for specific applications on various body parts, aiming to eliminate or reduce fibrosis resulting from liposuction surgery, sculpt the body non-invasively, and leave it more toned while addressing stubborn cellulite.

This ancient technique traces its roots to Asia and has more recently become a notable inclusion in Columbia's beauty industry, subsequently spreading across South America. The introduction of wood therapy to the United States has marked it as one of the latest wellness trends.

Beyond enhancing physical appearance, wood therapy offers a comprehensive list of benefits, including:

  • Elimination or reduction of fibrosis

  • Breakdown of cellulite

  • Body tightening and toning

  • Body contouring

  • Activation of the lymphatic system

  • Acceleration of metabolism

  • Muscle relaxation

  • Volume relocation

  • Improved recovery

  • Promotion of relaxation

  • Smoothing out of bulges

  • Leaving the skin smooth

Wood therapy, characterized by its relaxing and non-invasive nature, employs minimal pressure with specialized tools. Operating in synergy with the lymphatic system just beneath the skin's surface, it aids in the removal of viruses, toxins, and bacteria from the body. By activating the lymphatic system, wood therapy assists the body in filtering out waste and transporting it to the circulatory system for natural elimination.

Optimal results often necessitate multiple sessions, dependent on cellulite levels, fibrosis severity, desired appearance, and goals. Some individuals may find satisfaction with 3 to 6 treatments, while others may require more, with package discount pricing available.

To maximize the benefits of wood therapy, it is advisable to abstain from eating at least 2 hours before appointments. Disposable garments are provided for those who prefer not to bring their own.

However, wood therapy may not be suitable for individuals taking diuretics, those with fatal diseases, current pregnancies, or hernias. If you have undergone liposuction or other plastic surgery, it is recommended to wait at least 3 months before considering wood therapy.

Wood Therapy Custom – 30 min., $100

Wood Therapy Custom – 60 min., $175

Stomach, Sides & Love Handles – 40 mins $120

Booty, Back & Outer Thighs – 40 mins $120

Inner, Outer & Back of  Thighs – 50 mins $140

Calves (Add-on Service) – 15 min., $60



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